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Cisco Systems Israel

There are a lot of opportunities here. Its the second country, after the US, in terms of start-ups and entrepreneurship I dont think that there is a better time to invest here, in partnerships, venture capital and help our partners expand., John Chambers, CEO Cisco

Cisco Israel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cisco International, is a worldwide leader in networking for the Internet.



  • 1995-Cisco Systems established an Israeli marketing branch, employing fifteen people, responsible for Israel, Malta, and Cyprus.
  • 1998-A design center was established in Netanya with 25 people.
  • 2004-Cisco Systems Israel built the IP infrastructure at Ben Gurion Airport's new Terminal 3 at a cost of $7 million.
  • Cisco Systems Israel is Ciscos 2nd largest design center outside the United States.
  • Cisco CEO and President, John Chambers, visited Israel in 2008 on his first visit.
  • 2008-Two programs - the Mediterranean Youth Technology Club (MYTecC), and Digital Cities were launched in Israel at a cost of 2.5 million, aimed at using communications technology to advance peace and assimilate underprivileged youth into the high-tech sector.
  • 2008-Cisco announced a suite of new solutions for the small and medium-sized business (SMB), including technical services, the tripling of unified communications capabilities up to 48 users, and the addition of four new Ethernet switches.
  • 2008-Together with Intel Corp, Xero12 Golden lines and the Jerusalem Commercial Development Company, Cisco Israel makes Jerusalem the first Wireless City in Israel.
  • 2012 -Cisco has an R&D center in the Netanya industrial zone, with a staff of approximately 500 employees. It is Ciscos third largest R&D center, after the centers in US and India.
  • 2012 - Cisco Systems Inc.'s CEO and Chairman John Chambers announced an ambitious effort to help create 12,000 high-tech jobs in Israel's distressed Arab sector over the next four years .
  • 2012 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Cisco with the 12th annual Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE). Cisco received the prestigious ACE for helping to connect the Israeli and Palestinian economies and people, and engaging in several partnerships and initiatives to enhance technical capacity, connectivity, education, and opportunities for women and youth in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

Investments and Returns


Ciscos Israeli acquisitions:
May, 1998 ClassData, $50MN; March, 2000 InfoGear, $300MN; April, 2000 PentaCom, $118MN; April, 2000 Seagull, $19MN; June 2000 HyNEX, $127MN; March, 2004 RiverHead, $39MN; June, 2004 Actona, $100MN; August, 2004 P-Cube, $200MN; September 2005 San Jose-based Israels Sheer Networks, $97MN; March 2012 London-based (Israel-based R&D center) NDS, $5BN


For fiscal 2012, Cisco reported net sales of $46.1 billion, an increase of 7% compared to fiscal 2011.


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