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picLife Sciences
 Fourth in the world in biotechnology patents per capita, Israel not only has the talent to innovate, but the skills to transform technology into successful enterprise. A generous government incentives program is a major factor for pushing progress forward.
picWater Technologies
 Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. The country has been constantly developing novel and efficient water technologies, which can benefit the world as it is increasingly dealing with water scarcity concerns due to global warming. Israel's success in answering the country's water needs stems from its ability to incorporate an extensive variety of solutions under multiple constrains.
 In the past decade, Israel has emerged as a leading supplier for the global telecommunications industry. Producing cutting-edge, innovative technologies, Israeli communications companies continue to attract top-tier institutional investors, raising a tremendous $88 million from venture capitalists in 2004.
picHomeland Security
 As a top national priority, Homeland Security in Israel is more than just an exportable commodity. Israels self-reliance has created a diversified and cutting edge security industry, adding innovation to existing technologies as well as developing new ones. Israel today has earned its worldwide reputation for providing leading security solutions and continues to successfully partner with key world players to protect airports, seaports, government offices, financial institutions, recreational ce
picSemiconductor Industry
 Israel has long been recognized as a leading force in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor sector drives growth in many markets including microprocessors, data and voice communications, wireless, IP and networking communications, consumer, automotive, defense and more, representing prime opportunities for investment and cooperation.
 Israel is one of the leading chemical-producing nations in the world, and chemicals are a primary export. The industry formally began at the beginning of last century, when efforts commenced to extract minerals from the Dead Sea. When the State was founded, the new government established several state-owned companies to mine the raw materials and process the derivatives.
 Israel is internationally recognized as a leader in cutting edge agricultural advancements. Israels high level of development is due to the close cooperation between scientists, extension advisers, farmers, and agriculture-related industries, who contribute to the manufacturing of advanced technologies used locally and around the world.
 While Israel does not engage in large scale vehicle manufacturing, more than 100 Israeli manufacturers supply systems, parts, modules and tooling to both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and to the secondary market. Originally established to support, among others, the security and aircraft industries, Israeli companies have successfully adapted relevant technologies that were utilized for the military to civilian uses and made themselves a prominent technology destination for the internat
 Israels creativity in design has gained the country a reputation for being highly marketable and competitive. Israeli designers are today organized and business-like and are being sought by the global community for their innovation and creativity.
 Israel's film industry provides a solid, busy, vibrant and creative film community which is committed to further developing and encouraging the cooperation with filmmakers from all over the world. The worldwide success of Israeli films is reflected in the increase in co-productions and foreign investments in Israeli films. Foreign investment in Israeli films increased to $7.5 million in 2008 and made up 40% of the total amount invested in Israeli films.
picNew Media
 Israel is home to more than 700 new media companies whose offerings span the range of new media possibilities, including content creation, delivery and management, gaming, broadcast, digital & cable TV, IPTV and satellite services. The Israeli sector boasts both global giants like BigBand, ICQ, and NDS as well as over 400 start up media companies characterized by innovation and entrepreneurship.