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SAP Israel - Dedicated Partner to Israel

"It [SAP R&D center] has turned into a sort of front line where new ideas are tested out and turned into technology, and it is succeeding well,” Jim Hagemann Snabe, CEO, SAP

SAP (acronym for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) was founded in 1972, and has a rich history of innovation and growth. SAP currently has sales and development centers in more than 50 countries worldwide. SAP applications and services provide more than 197,000 customers worldwide to operate as profitable, adapt to changes over time and grow steadily.  Following the acquisition of Business Objects a year ago, it is now the world's leading business intelligence company.

SAP in Israel: One of the main goals of the laboratory is exploiting Israeli innovation and identify technologies that can complement the product portfolio of the company. Since 1998, SAP acquired eight Israeli start-up companies, which are now part of the strategic products of the company.

Some of the technologies developed at SAP Israel

  • SAP Enterprise Portal: "the gate" entrance to the organization information, playable from any landline or mobile devices as well, and also a component of social networks face unique tools and organizational collaboration among employees in an organization.
  • INBAR HOTEL & Applications Platform: SAP's innovative system for managing and analyzing data on particularly strong and innovative data held entirely in computer (in-memory Data Base) – development of parts of the system and the development of applications that run on this system.
  • Gateway – universal interface system which allows easy connection to the SAP systems of external applications (running on other systems, especially on mobile devices).
  • Master Data Management: Auto Union technology between different databases, which contain the same information, to establish a central data base company.
  • Sales & Operations Planning- lateral analysis and design system (edge to edge) of the enterprise operations – all its customers needs of enterprise systems.
  • CRM: customer management system and unique application, based on the analysis of customer behavior and customer suggestions according to his needs. For example, if the customer is a chocaholic, the system might offer them an exclusive 10 percent discount on chocolates.


  • In 1998, SAP made its initial investment in Israel. SAP invested in the Israeli company OFEK-Tech, which in 2000 became a wholly owned SAP subsidiary by the name SAP Labs Israel.
  • Since 1998, SAP has invested in several Israeli start-up companies both directly and through its venture capital arm, including Top Manage, GUI Machine, Expression and Virtual Locality, Interwise and Zend Technologies.
  • In 2004, SAP acquired Israeli start-up A2i
  • SAP’s largest acquisition of complementary technology and know-how from Israel was that of enterprise portal software provider TopTier Software, Inc. in 2001. TopTier founder Shai Agassi today serves as a member of the SAP Executive Board and is responsible for the company's Product and Technology Group.
  • SAP Labs Israel is the company's fourth largest development center worldwide, part of SAP's international development network.
  • In 2001, SAP Labs Israel employed 40 people. Today, the lab in Ra'anana with its new R&D facility in Carmiel employs around 800 people. 
  • The development team at SAP Labs Israel participates in some of the SAP's most strategic projects
  • SAP Labs in Israel were fifth in the survey "the best companies to work in high-tech industry in 2012 (BDI COFACE)
  • With two offices in Karmiel and Ra'anana, SAP in Israel employs 800 employees across a variety of businesses and industries.
  • 2012 - SAP Israel announced that it would supply the Israel Defense Forces and Ministry of Defense with ERP solutions at the cost of $10 million. The agreement follows a recent three-year licensing contract signed by the software corporation and the Ministry of Defense for services to the ministry and the army. 


SAP ranked as one of the world's most stable corporations, with annual sales totaling about 14 billion euros and more than -82,000 customers worldwide. Approximately 75% of SAP customers are medium and small companies in the world. 95% of the Fortune 500 companies are SAP customers worldwide.

WATCH IT: Video about working at SAP Israel 


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