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Conditional Grants



Designed to accelerate Israel's industrial capability, the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments offers industrial companies conditional grants as outlined herein.


Type of Support:


Grants for production equipment, facilities, and fixed assets, conditional upon their acquisition or construction in the framework of a program approved by the Investment Centers Administration




Applying companies must meet the following criteria:  

  • Must be an industrial enterprise, registered in Israel
  • Must be located in designated National Priority Region (mostly in Israel's north and south. For a complete list in Hebrew, see here
  • Must be internationally competitive (i.e. have export capability), excepting biotechnology and nanotechnology companies
  • Must not have simultaneously applied or been approved for an employment grant as detailed below (excepting enterprises employing disabled persons)
  • For structural grants: Must not have pending legal questions surrounding the structure
  • Service industries, the agricultural industry (including refrigeration facilities), the mineral and natural gas industries are not eligible for aid within this framework


Terms of Grant:


• Grants are accorded at 20% of the amount of investment in fixed assets, as outlined in the approved program.

• The applying company must finance 24% of the project with equity financing


Application Process:


Applications are reviewed thoroughly by the Investments Center Administration and 'approved enterprise' status is granted at the conclusion of a review procedure that includes submission of a detailed business plan, subject to various considerations. 


Applications are reviewed and scored for a number of parameters that are periodically modified. They currently include:

• Geographic Location of the plant: 20%

• Employee wage costs: 10%

• Socio-economic rating of the plant location: 20%

• Company's financial stability and proven abilities: 10%

• Scope of investment in employee: 10%

• Expected productivity increase: 10%

• Technological innovation: 20%

• Companies that terminated previous approved programs: -5%


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